How To Work Remotely Like You Mean It

You might have heard a lot regarding working from home, but the reality goes beyond what is said. Any experienced remote worker will tell you that working from home or anywhere else does not change how the work gets done. It might however, change everything else about your gig. When you have regular work and strict deadlines, it feels a lot like working in an office. Here is some remote working hindsight that will help you improve your efficiency.

1. Look the part and be the part
Dressing for work, starting your schedule on time, eating lunch at the right time and other activities might seem pointless, but they go a long way into ensuring your success. If you skip these basic preparations, you might not do well at the job either.
You should respect your work regardless of what you do. Recognize that it is a job like any other and rules should be set and followed. Keep up rituals, schedules and maintain appearances. You can set aside time for the fun activities.

2. Recognize when problem is motivation and not space
Temptations, family and distractions might get in your way at times when working remotely. Although these might be legitimate reasons for baring you, learn to realize when the problem is beyond them. While in the office your boss will keep you on toes, at home it is up to you to find the motivation. Therefore, find ways to boost your motivation and keep up the work.

3. Organize offline social time and cap your online social time
When you are in a typical office, you wish to have fewer distractions from colleagues. However, remote working will make you realize how important offline social interactions are. You will miss talking to somebody and sharing your struggle with a person.
Do not drown into online social interactions and forget to communicate to people. Find time to build relationships, make friends and interact. Create social breaks at least once in a while.